Meet our member Hazel Hayman!

“For me, every word is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Individually it may not mean much, but the right words, fitting together in the right way, have the ability to paint a powerful image.”

Meet our member Catherine Hurst-Hewett!

“[Being a translator] opens you up to different worlds that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to if you didn’t speak those languages, like foreign language books, films, tv, etc. It never stops being special to me.”

Meet our member Alanah Reynor!

“Business and marketing texts that promote women’s health, sustainability, animal welfare […] are important to me. A business should share its values and I help them speak from their heart.”

Welcome to the ITI East Anglia Network blog!

Welcome to our new blog! Check back here soon for more information about upcoming events, network news and reports, and our new regular monthly feature, meet our members, where we turn the spotlight on some of the wonderful people who are part of our network.

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